Annandale National Historic Site

This year, Annandale National Historic Site (Annandale House) is back with activities and games Saturday, June 16th!

There's a full day of fun, crafts and storytelling for the young ones, including the return of Skunk Haven, TurtleFest Tea, and Storytelling on the Lawn.

Turtle Games (10am – 3pm* - On the Lawn):

Come and join us for a “turtley” good time while playing fun lawn games and winning prizes.
Presented by Annandale NHS

Turtle Hatchlings Kids Area (10am – 3pm* - On the Lawn):

Turtlefest is a time for everyone to come together. For all of those tiny turtles, join us in out “Turtle Hatchlings” Area with lots of entertainment for the young ones.
Presented by Annandale NHS

Turtle Crafts (10am – 3pm* - On the Lawn):

Bring out your inner artists and come and join us for some fun turtle inspired crafts – While supplies last
Presented by Annandale NHS

Skunk Haven and Another Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation (10am – 3pm - On the Lawn):

Join Laurel A. Beechey of Skunk Haven bringing educational license Scooter the Skunk. As well as Carol Clark of Another Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation bringing educational license Chance the screech owl and Butch the Skunk.
Presented by Skunk Haven & Another Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation

Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge(10am – 3pm - On the Lawn):

Ever wanted to be a wildlife protector? Come and talk to the volunteers of Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge and learn how we can live peacefully amongst wildlife, and what we can do to help protect their environments.
Presented by Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge

Face Painting (10am – 3pm* - On the Lawn):

Come get your face painted by Theatre Tillsonburg and join all of our Turtlefest fun!
Presented by Theatre Tillsonburg

Children’s Book “Never Give Up” by Jan Everett (10am – 2pm - On the Lawn):

Can’t get enough of Turtle Stories – don’t miss Jan Everett reading her very own Turtle Tale and showing us how to help our turtle friends.
Presented by Janet Everett

Henna (10am – 3pm* - On the Lawn):

Show your spirit for Turtlefest by getting decorated with some Turtle Henna! Fun for all ages.
Presented by Henna by Alysha

Annandale Kindergarten Story Walk® and Lemonade Stand (10am – 3pm - On the Lawn):

Have fun walking around the lawn of Annandale House as you discover the story of Mossy by children’s author Jan Brett – end your walk at the lemonade stand where the proceeds help to buy playground equipment for the kindergarten area of Annandale Public School
Presented by Friends of the Annandale Kindergarten Classes

Turtle Pursuit (10am – 3pm - On the Lawn):

Oh no! Our turtles have decided to take a stroll through the Annandale House, and we need your help to count them all. Come join us in a scavenger hunt. Winners to find all of the turtles will receive a prize!
Presented by Annandale NHS

Turtlefest Tea (1pm – 3pm* - On the Lawn):

Come in and join the Tillsonburg Retirement Centre by indulging your appetite in a turtle tea and treat.
Presented by Lifetimes Living Inc.

Yertle the Turtle Stacking challenge and Stories (10am – 3pm - On the Lawn):

The Tillsonburg Public Library while they share turtle stories, test your skills with a "Yertle the Turtle Stacking Challenge", and to send you home with your very own turtle! While you're visiting, be sure to pick-up the information about this year's Summer Reading Club, and don't forget to fill out a ballot for the chance to win some “turtley” awesome prizes!
Presented by Tillsonburg Branch of the Oxford County Library

Tillson Tales & Trails (10am – 3pm - On the Lawn):

Tillson Tales – It’s story time with Tillsonburg’s founders. Grandpa George and Grandma Tillson tell tales of settling Canada’s ‘frontier’ almost 200 years ago and the origins of Turtlefest. Geared to children

Tillson Trails – Stroll the streets where it all began with a guide who’ll offer the inside on the founding family homes, and businesses, that put Tillsonburg on the map. Tours leave at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, and 2:30.

Pioneer Playground – Fun and games Pioneer style. Discover some children’s games that were popular long before computers and TV.
Presented by Tillsonburg Pioneer Performing Troupe

Turtle Count (10am – 3pm – Front Desk):

Are you a great guesser? Come to the Front Desk of the Annandale NHS and test your skills of guessing how many turtles can fit into a jar. Winner will be announced after the festivities, and get to receive a prize!
Presented by Annandale NHS

*Or until supplies last



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